class Vizhener:

	def __init__(self, text, key, language):
		if language == "Rus":
			carriage = 33
			self.down, self.up = 1072, 1104
			self.alphabet = [chr(i) for i in range(self.down, self.up)]
			self.key = self.minusnotletters(self.minusyo(key.lower()))
			self.text = self.minusnotletters(self.minusyo(text.lower()))
		elif language == "Eng":
			carriage = 27
			self.down, self.up = 97, 123
			self.alphabet = [chr(i) for i in range(self.down, self.up)]
			self.key = self.minusnotletters(key.lower())
			self.text = self.minusnotletters(text.lower())
			return "Неверный язык!"
		table = []
		for i in range(carriage-1): #Составляем таблицу Виженера
			temp = []
			for j in range(self.up+1-carriage, self.up):
			for j in range(self.down, self.up+1-carriage):
			carriage -= 1
		self.table = table
		oldkey = self.key
		while len(self.key) != len(self.text): #Циклически записываем ключевое слово, пока его длина не будет равна длине шифруемого текста
			if len(self.key) + len(oldkey) > len(self.text):
				temp = list(oldkey)
				for i in range(len(self.text) - len(self.key)):
					self.key += temp[i]
				self.key += oldkey

	def minusnotletters(self, words): #Убирает все не буквенные символы
		words = list(words)
		i = 0
		while i != len(words):
			if words[i] not in self.alphabet:
				del words[i]
				i += 1
		words = "".join(words)
		return words
	def minusyo(self, words): #Заменяет все "ё" на "е"
		words = list(words)
		for i in range(len(words)):
			if words[i] == "ё":
				words[i] = "е"
		words = "".join(words)
		return words

	def encrypt(self):
		text = self.text
		self.text = ""
		for i in range(len(list(text))): #Собственно шифруем текст
			self.text += self.table[ord(text[i])-self.down][ord(self.key[i])-self.down]
		return self.text
	def decrypt(self):
		text = self.text
		self.text = ""
		for i in range(len(list(text))): #А тут расшифровываем
			for j in range(len(list(self.table[0]))):
				if self.table[0][j] == self.key[i]:
					for k in range(len(self.table[j])):
						if self.table[j][k] == text[i]:
							ind = k
			self.text += self.table[ind][0]
		return self.text 

a = Vizhener("Съешь ещё этих мягких французских булок, да выпей чаю.", "Абракадабра", "Rus")

a = Vizhener("The five boxing wizards jump quickly.", "Aligator", "Eng")

 Public Two years ago I helped a friend with a term paper on different ciphers. since then I have not written much in python

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8.43% issue ratio

R1 Missing type hints

Type hints help humans and linters (like mypy) to understand what to expect "in" and "out" for a function. Not only it serves as a documentation for others (and you after some time, when the code is wiped from your "brain cache"), but also allows using automated tools to find type errors.

R41 Too many lines of code

Functions should be small - at least fit your screen's height. Otherwise they will be hard to read and hard to test. Try splitting big function into smaller ones.

You should separate the method into "setup", "table creation" and "key creation" methods.

R48 Magic variable

Magic variables (usually numeric values without explanation why the values are exactly like that) are evil. One should make them class / module variables or put in some config / env files with explanation why these values were chosen.

L9 Bad design

Seems like things could be organized in a better way.

Returning error as string makes no sense. Use exceptions.

L12 Redundant code / overengineering

This code is not really needed or may be simplified

Replace with built-in method: replace.

Suggested change:
words = 'абвгдеё'
print(words.replace('ё', 'е'))  # outputs 'абвгдее'
L12 Redundant code / overengineering

This code is not really needed or may be simplified

Suggested change:
def encrypt(self) -> str:
    result = ''
    for i, char in enumerate(self.text):
        result += self.table[ord(char) - self.down][ord(self.key[i]) - self.down]
    return result
R4 Range-based iteration

Using len and range in python's for loop smells. Idiomatic python iteration looks like for element in collection. If you need element's index as well, use for i, element in enumerate(collection).

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